Jeannie Tan
How businesses can get sales from mobile apps.
The app scene is still thriving. Here are the three trends that are shaping the app industry in 2018. Voice controlled features and household appliances. Voice-controlled features are amongst the most debated subjects in technology and it’s gone mainstream comparing to the wearables. Moreover, the latest research observes that mobile industry will see an increase...
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User on an iPad using an online mobile shopping app.
Consumer behaviour towards shopping. The introduction of online shopping or e-commerce has been a game changer for both businesses and consumers. Apart from shopping at brick and mortar stores, consumers are able to research and purchase items at the click of a button, without having to leave their door. Offering an endless range of choices and...
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A highlighter on a calendar
It’s better to start early than never. Well before you know it, we have survived the first week of 2018! Time flies quickly and before WE know it. The folks at Fonseka Innovations are all busy trying to achieve those aspirational new year goals and resolutions that we made as the clock ticked midnight. Have...
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Image of 2 cups full of pens
How are your resolutions fairing? We are now well into 2017, with Valentine’s day creeping up around the corner. We all would have started the year with the traditional new years’ resolutions and goals. You might have even ventured out to your local sports store to pick up those new running shoes to help you...
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A person using a keyboard.
Let’s Talk About Social Media A lot has changed in Social Media over the last few years. We are no longer restricted to either Myspace or Bebo. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are taking over our lives. For most people, their social media profile is a window into...
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