Hilda Boden
Takeaways From Google Pixel 5 Event
The Google Pixel 5 Event, a.k.a Launch Night In Event has passed. As we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year. So, Google is wanting to bring back joy, entertainment and connectivity to peoples lives
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My Experience With Virtual Classrooms
2020, the year of change. Every day the world is changing but by far; this year, we are conquering the biggest hurdle, COVID-19. Virtual communication...
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Walking Through STEPtember
It's the season of Steptember. Get to know the event a little better by learning about what it's like to partake in the fundraising event.
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How Secure Are Your Passwords?
Knowing if your password is safe is difficult. So the question I ask you is, do you know how many of your passwords have been breached? There is a high...
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