So you want to create a startup based on an app? Let’s talk about how to approach it.

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Here you will find a checklist that will guide you in the right direction when starting up an application project. The following checklist focuses on what should be checked off when performing an app project startup.



Thinking of a unique application idea can be quite tough now. But if you have an idea for an app already, the next step is to ensure that the app is quality. What problem does you application solve? Is your app needed/wanted? What is the selling point? These questions can help answer relevant and needed information. They can define the problem, end user/s, scenarios and how to resolve the issue.

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Leverage your Brains Trust to validate your idea


Using tactile techniques such as mind-mapping, using post-it notes or a white board to write down notes can be really useful when sparking up ideas for an app project. Performing a SWOT analysis can also identify any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your idea.

Alternatively, you can check out a post on the Latest Mobile App Development Trends to help you narrow down your app startup features.


Explaining an idea won’t get your idea very far. Wire-framing or mocking up designs of the app will excite users and investors because they are able to see what your application will look like. Along with wireframes/mock-ups, mapping out the processes and views will make the process easier.

If you’ve never made a wireframe before check these websites:

These tools are really easy to use! user interface

Find a Developer

To engage a quality developer, money will always be required. A good developer will save you time, funds and stress by produce quality and professional results. Now, obviously the best developers will cost more but you don’t want to hire a bad developer. Not everyone has money, so you are able to learn how to develop apps yourself, if you have the time. Resources such as YouTube, LinkedIn Learning and Udemy are awesome for learning about app development.

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Follow lean principles for smart budgets

An MVP Product

Once you’ve decided on a developer, the next step is getting the development stage rolling. Getting updates on development, giving feedback to the developers, etc. are all practices that need to be done during the development stage. You already have the look of your app startup, now the development is focussing on the experience it gives to the user.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique where the project includes sufficient features to satisfy early adopters and gain feedback. Using this feedback will help define the final set of features for the app project.

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Use your MVP to get essential market feedback to iterate


Using this technique can gain a better relationship with stakeholders and initial customers. An MVP approach can save time with development and work as the features are implemented in an iterative manner. Also, cutting costs is always a plus.



Some businesses think that once the app is finished with development, it’s the end of the story. Wrong! Your app startup will need tending to for its full lifecycle. Which will mean that maintenance and updating will come at a cost. Sponsors, partnerships, collaborations can help with funding.


Market It

Your app won’t market itself. Planning everything such as social media posts, ads, collaborations will be needed to help boost the status of your product. Have target audiences to aim campaigns at.

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App Startup Checklist

To summarise, an app startup will require a number of factors. Tick off the following:

  1. An Idea
  2. Prototype
  3. Developer
  4. MVP Product
  5. Funds
  6. Market Strategy

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