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So you want to boost your online sales?

Or have a powerful online presence?

Perhaps succeed in today’s business environment?

There are plenty of creative tactics out there to skyrocket your online sales. Here are the top five strategies that many successful businesses see important in the online business environment.

1. Content Marketing is King

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There is an overwhelming amount of internet users that regularly read blog posts. Blogging is a simple strategy to help you increase your leads. Not only it’s cheaper than traditional marketing it can also generate 3 times more leads than paid search. Furthermore, according to IZEA and the Halverson Group, a blog post can still provide value and increase traffic for as long as 700 days.

However, it is very important to ensure your content marketing material brings value to your audience. So, do your homework and research your audience to understand what topics they see value in.

Be sure to try different types of content marketing strategies such as infographics, social media, videos, and even podcasts. These will benefit you and help drive more customers into your sales funnel and boost your online sales.

2. Sponsorship is Key

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Sponsorships sound ambitious or out of reach for many smaller businesses. With a tight budget written on your account book seems impossible to do so. Don’t be in despair! There are many ways to get sponsorships online, you just need to look at the right place.

By sponsoring the right smaller blog, podcast, YouTubers, or even influencers will be able to help you gain new customers. The audiences could be small now, but if quality content is constantly produced by these people, their dedicated loyal audience base will certainly grow. Sometimes less is better, closely aligned audience may even just do better and provide more value than a broader group.

3. Subscriptions lead to Customer Retention

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So you have successfully convert your lead into sales. You want them to come back for more, but there’s no guarantee that those customers will come back ever again. With the ability to have your customers to subscribe to you, there is a high chance of recurring revenue coming in every month.

Many digital marketers have recognised that existing customers are more valuable than new ones. However, many business have frequently failed to prioritise marketing programs to bring them back.

According to Adweek many businesses that had implemented the subscription-based model had experienced large growth from repeat business. According to Adobe, 40% of the retail revenue in the U.S comes from returning or repeat purchaser.

  • returning purchaser – one previous purchase
  • repeat -purchaser multiple previous purchases

Therefore, if returning and repeat purchasers take up nearly half of the retail revenue, you should definitely allocate more budget on targeting these valuable customers. Only if you want to boost your online sales.

4. Earn Trust with Social Proof

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Trust is a very precious commodity. It’s like glass, once broken it is never the same again.

In today’s eCommerce environment, customer feedback is a must-have if you want to convert that lead into sales. We have talked about how important it is to retain your existing customers, but you’re not stopping there, right? We are still going to continue to grow our customer base.

So you’ve done your hard work and managed to provide high satisfaction to your first bunch of customers. Now, this valuable satisfied humans can now be your weapons to satisfy more new customers.

But why is customer reviews so important? In the sales funnel, ‘interest stage’ can be considered a vital stage of the sales cycle. Now, these leads begin to show interest and search more about your product. This is the perfect time to earn their trust. Trust signals can potentially overcome hesitation among your interest buyers and create a favourable perception of your brand.

5. Befriend Your Enemies

Love to Learn
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There is a reason why your competitors are your competitors. They are doing something uniquely different in trying to stay on top just like you. Therefore it is important to analyse your competitors and learn new techniques. As important as their strength, it is also worth reflecting on their weaknesses.

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