5 Factors to Consider when Developing a Mobile App

Given their incredible market-share, it’s no surprise that everybody and their mother wants to develop some kind of mobile app. However, if you truly have an idea that you want to put into motion, you will need to consider various factors throughout your development process.

If you’re a newbie, and you want to break your idea into this space, you will need to (at least) consider the following 5 factors.

Primary Functionality

What is the purpose of the application? When you have an idea for an app, this is usually one of the first things you think of. However, it is also incredibly easy to add more to the idea, without thinking of the consequences.

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You should always pick out the primary functionality as soon as possible, and focus on it. A successful application will be focused, and perform its one function extremely well. Try not to be bogged down by a whole host of unrelated features.


The technology used to build a mobile application is arguably the least important factor on this list. All of the popular app development environments used today will probably cover the needs of your app without a problem. Choosing one and sticking to it may be the best choice.

However, you should still carefully consider your choice through your idea, and the primary function of your desired app. If you know that you will need specific features of a software development kit, or you know you’ll only need to develop the app for a single platform, this should highly influence your choice of technology.

Two competing app platforms, albeit older ones.
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Check out my other article, “What is Native App Development?” for a bit of info into a couple of the technologies you could use to develop an app like this.


Cost is a factor that always comes up with any business venture, and this is no different. There are two primary resources here: time and finances.

If you’ve decided to go at it alone and develop this app in your spare time, you will be facing a significant time investment (assuming you haven’t developed a mobile app before).

App cost. Always a killer of mismanaged projects.
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If you want to hire a team of professionals to do it, you will have to make a significant financial investment. Careful planning is required to maximise your value in this area.

Updates and Continuous Development

In the modern world, it isn’t often that a program can just be released and forgotten by its developers. If you intend for this app to provide a service to people, you will need to perform maintenance.

And, of course, the maintenance time will affect all of the other factors mentioned here. The cost will increase, the time required to design and develop will increase, and the user experience for your app overall may decrease in the absence of new features. It will be a continuous job to monitor and maintain an application, so consider this factor carefully.

User Experience

User Experience is arguably the most important factor in this entire list, and for mobile application development in general.

App UX design can be easier if you're not doing it digitally. Using a pen and paper may be helpful.
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If people are going to be using your application, it needs to be easy to interact with. The app should guide your user on how to use it correctly, without overloading them with information. This is incredibly difficult, so much so that even the major companies that maintain mobile apps (Google, Facebook, etc) can have significant missteps.

Think about the applications that you use, and how they are designed. Do you have a favourite?

Book a Smart Concept Workshop

Of course, when you’re going to go ahead with your plan to develop a mobile app, you will need to consider many more factors than these. Fonseka Innovations host Smart Concept Workshops to businesses that need guidance in building their business concept. Find out more here.

Check out the list of links below to articles about more factors you should consider. They will be a good place to springboard from an idea to reality.

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