3 Online Learning Platforms To Help You Level Up

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Knowledge is a valuable component of our lives as we never stop learning.

Whether you're looking for a degree or to learn something, here are 3 useful learning platforms you can start using.


This is an online learning platform created by Harvard and MIT which offers online courses and degrees.

It offers over 3600 courses from a wide variety of fields and disciples.

One of the best aspects of edX is that all of the courses are provided by leading and recognised institutions. Therefore the quality of the education provided is assuring since most online courses lack the element of interaction. Almost all the courses are in the combined form of videos lectures, online assignment submissions and Q&A tutorial sessions.

The best overall element of edX, the online learning is that its completely free to access. All you have to do is enrol for a course and make sure to attend classes and submit your tasks. The only paid element is if you require the certification or graduation certificate which is proof of course work. Apart from that, the educational and learning aspect is completely free to all.

The platform is available via desktop or mobile and offers flexible learning capabilities. More information is available on the edX website here.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Originally known as Lynda.com, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform provided by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning is more focused on industrial skills and for those seeking employment or skill development. Therefore, this platform is perfect if you are looking to level up within your industry.

It offers a wide range of industry course form Business, IT, Design and even soft skills.

One of the unique elements of LinkedIn Learning is the courses on soft skills such as giving presentations and networking.

They also offer courses which give insight from leading industry experts on confidence and self-development.

Your LinkedIn profile is connected to the LinkedIn Learning platform. Therefore, any course you complete or certification you achieve is attached to your profile. All the new skills you gain appear on your profile for any employers or organisations to see.

LinkedIn Learning is available for subscription on a monthly basis and gives full access to courses when subscribed. All courses are provided and certified by LinkedIn or an authorised institution.

For more information click here.


SkillShare offers courses on a wide range of skills and educational material. The unique thing about SkillShare is that it focuses more on creativity more than any other platform.

The course material on skillShare is not exactly offered by any institution rather is conducted by people who have the same passion as others.

Think of it as a class which you can walk into, learn a new skill or piece of knowledge and move onto the next.

The amazing thing about the platform is that you can take part in as many learning courses as you wish without having to pay extra, you only need to pay a subscription. SkillShare also offers an academy feature where all courses are conducted by institutions or qualified individuals.

It also has a team plan feature where a whole class or team of your organisation or friends can learn together.

If you have a skill that you have and wish to share, teach or pass down you can join as a teacher and conduct a course. Therefore it's not just limited to people who want to learn but also offer a place for people who want to teach.

For more information on Skillshare, click here.

Education is Important

Education is important and the staple of any individual’s self-development. There are many other platforms for online learning, however, the 3 platforms mentioned cover education, skill and industrial elements which should be a great start in your journey.

Other platforms which offer amazing online learning:

None of these platforms offers completely free learning and requires a subscription or paid for certification. However, edX course work is free but certification must be paid for in order to obtain.

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