3 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Mental Wellbeing

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh
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Mental stress and anxiety can be a difficult situation to overcome and getting help is the first critical step in achieving better mental wellbeing.

Here are 3 useful applications that you can start using today to better help your mental wellbeing.

Calm-Meditation and Sleep

Calm | Mental Wellbeing app
From Calm.com

Calm is one of the top apps in the market right now when it comes to guided programs for assisted sleep and meditation.

It provides users with a variety of options such as sleep stories, meditation guides and programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music.

The app interface is calming and beautiful, with easy navigation, and soothing colour schemes. You’ll really enjoy using this app as it puts no stress in operating it.

Calm also has a social element where users share their experiences, tips, and reviews which makes the app have a community aspect to it.

It is great for beginners in meditation, however, offer advanced guides as well so you can progress as you go.

Some interesting topics covered in the applications programs include;

  • Mindfulness
  • Deep Sleep
  • Self-Esteem
  • Loving Kindness
  • Managing Stress

Calm is all about flexibility and is designed to suit your requirements and schedule. It aims to bring better experience in managing your stress, anxiety and sleep. Although it may not be a complete cure to stress or anxiety, the app will certainly be a useful tool to help you maintain a positive mental attitude.

There are features which you can only use when you subscribe. However, you can use the app for free with limitations and commit later if it feels right for you.

Download Calm-Meditation & Sleep on the App Store or Play Store or you can visit their website for more details about their services.

Form by Calm.com


Headspace | Mental Wellbeing app
By Headspace

Here is another top-performing application in the market. Headspace similar to the app mentioned before offers similar content and support for managing stress, anxiety and overall mental wellbeing.

To cut to the chase, some of the major differences between Headspace compared to Calm is its interface, beginner-friendly guides and Pro feature trial.

The interface is colourful, relaxing and interact-able with emphasis on user progression. Operating the app is fairly easy as well and you’ll spend less time learning to operate the app so it saves you more time. Overall the meditation and sleep guides on Headspace are shorter on average compared to Calm-Meditation and Sleep.

Therefore I think this is more beginner-friendly and offer more time flexibility.

Another great thing about Headspace is that you can use all the pro features and get full access on a trial period where you can explore the app. After the trial is over you’ll have an understanding on whether you want to subscribe or use its limited features.

Download Headspace on the App Store or Play Store or to learn more head on over to the Headspace website.

By Headspace


BetterHelp | Mental Wellbeing app
By BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a platform that provides anyone with the ability to connect with a professionally licensed counsellor for online therapy.

The concept of the app is to make counselling accessible and convenient for anyone who is seeking professional help to deal, handle or resolve their mental wellbeing.

The platform offers a variety of services form individual, couple or even teen counselling for affordable prices.

The interface of the app has been designed to be flexible around choosing a counsellor, booking appointments, messaging, calling, and video. During these times of social distancing, this app would be ideal for seeking professional counselling in the convenience of your home.

Overall the app has some very positive reviews, however, the quality of the counsellors can vary depending on your requirements. All counsellors on this platform are qualified and recognised practitioners.

More information on BetterHelp and their counsellors are available on their website.

Download the app on the App Store or Play Store

By BetterHelp

Take care of yourself

The apps and platforms mentioned in this article all provide flexibility and assistance in supporting anyone’s mental wellbeing and offer a great variety of features which can be utilised according to your requirements. However, it is important to get help and that would be the first advisable step in the process for a more stable and balanced mind.

Apart from professional help and applications assistance, your diet, sleep and water intake is another critical aspect of maintaining a healthy mind. For more, check out our article on applications which can help you track, maintain or kick start your journey to better health.

At Fonseka Innovations, we care about each other’s mental wellbeing and health and strive to take care of our own. This extends to our clients and everyone we work with.

Contact Fonseka Innovation for workshops around building a strong start mind to developing the next great health app.

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