3 Journal & Diary Apps To Help You Track Your Thoughts And Memories

Our journals and diaries capture so much of our thoughts, ideas and memories. Here are 3 apps to help you maintain a digital journal or diary so you don’t miss a single chance to write down what's on your mind.

This book is where I write all my experiences during important trips. every thought, path, and event!
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Day One Journal

To start off we found Day One Journal, a brilliant app with some amazing features you wouldn’t expect to be in a journal app. It has an easy to use interface and uses an entry system where it organises each entry as an advanced document. While you use the document, it’s not just journal entries you can write but you can also add images, audio files, voice clips, stopwatch timers, video clips, GPS locations and even hand-drawn scribbles.

All right that was a lot! and there is more. You can add passcodes and share your files with others. So it really brings privacy and collaboration in an ethical way.

Day One Journal is an award-winning app for its design and usability.

Day One Journal is free to use with unlimited journal entries with additional features available as a paid subscription.

Day One Journal is available for iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple watch. You can also head on over to their website to see what they have to offer.

Card Diary – Memories Journal

This app takes a visualised approach to organising your diary and journal, primary with the use of cards. Basically, you can customise a card with all the information you want such as text, videos, location, weather and tags. Then give it a title and a note and your entry is ready to be saved to a cloud.

Another unique thing about this app is that it's really flexible on how you save your work such as having cloud storage and options of file types such as PDF and ZIP. It also has multiple fonts in different languages.

Did I mention it has a dark mode? Dark mode changes the theme of the layout into a dark background so the glare won't put too much strain on your eyes.

Overall this app has some great things to offer and I highly recommend you try it because the user interface and design is one of a kind.

Card Diary – Memories Journal is free to use and gives extended features on a paid subscription. However, it offers a lifetime subscription where you can own the app with all its features for a one-time payment of USD $12.99.

Check out their website for more information and the great designs it has to offer. This App is available for both iPhone and Android.

Grid Diary Classic

Grid Diary brings a simple way of entering your data with a grid-style view. It has somewhat of an art book feel to it and offers templates of various designs if you're not comfortable with the default style.

This app has a more professional outline to it and looks more like a portal rather a diary. Regardless the user interface is very simple and organised. It offers pretty much the same features as the other two apps however another unique thing about this app apart from the grid view and templates is that it offers a promoted library.

The library is a feature which has pop-up cards of information or questions which you can fill in and keep as reminders. This helps a lot with remembering and jotting down your ideas quickly.

Overall this app offers more than just a diary or journal and can act as an advanced planner. So it's pretty flexible in its uses and features. It's free to use so you should try it out and see if it suits you well.

Their website has more information and even has a USD $9.99 one-off payment to access the whole app forever. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Start Writing Now

Getting into the habit of writing a diary or a journal may not be your second nature, however, with these apps, you'll be able to write down your thoughts, ideas and events while on the move as its freely available on your mobile device.

All the apps mentioned here have effective ways of notifying you. Therefore the apps will assist you in your progress as you take the first initial steps of creating a digital Diary/Journal.

Be inspired by the world around you and always capture your thoughts, ideas and feelings. One day reflecting on them will help you learn, grow and teach. Your next spark could be your next million-dollar idea.

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