3 Educational Apps for Kids You Can Start Using Today

Whether it's at school or at home, educational apps can be an easy and flexible way to integrate learning into a child’s life. Here are 3 online educational platforms for kids which you can start using today.

Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia primary school, seated amongst his classmates, this photograph depicts a young African-American schoolboy who was in the process of drawing with a pencil on a piece of white paper. Note that the student was focused on a drawing book that referenced fantasy flying planes, while intent on creating his artwork, seemingly oblivious to all the classroom goings-on that surrounded him. It is important to know that objects, including pencils, crayons, paper, etc., are known as fomites, and can act as transmitters of illnesses. educational apps
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YouTube Kids

This is the most popular app right now on the market as it's free and fairly simple to use. YouTube Kids offers many options when it comes to educational programs and videos. There is a wide variety of learning, handy craft and documentaries focused towards kids which are freely available to discover.

Safety is one essential aspect as you do not want any inappropriate content crossing over. YouTube Kids takes security very seriously, ensuring that no unwanted content surfaces while your child is watching.

All content is made child-appropriate and family-friendly for a safer experience.

The app is fairly simple to handle and is focused on just a few clicks to get content in reach. YouTube Kids is available on most platforms including mobile and tablet in both Android and iPhone, making it much flexible to use.

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Quick Maths Jr.

Mathematics is a crucial subject for kids to learn but can be somewhat daunting for kids to keep up with. Quick Maths Jr. is a fun and interactive app which offers kids lessons on mathematics in the form of a game. The graphics are pleasant and cartoonish with wonderful colours and characters which make it more fun to watch.

The app focuses on the very basics of maths and kids have the option of making it more challenging if they choose to as they progress. When it comes to safety, there is no inappropriate content or any mature themes.

The app purely focuses on maths and interactive learning.

Quick Maths Jr. is a very simple app to use and does not require any complicated set up other than a few clicks. The app is free to use but does offer a few in-app purchases as you progress.

The app is available on both mobile and tablet for iPhone.


Its time to bring classroom learning right to your home!

CalssDojo is the most advance and amazingly built app on this list. It offers virtual classrooms for kids with teaches from across the globe for the purpose of education. The app offers an engaging element where kids can raise their hands and show their work to their teacher via the comment section and receive feedback.

As a parent, you can track your child's educational progress via the app and even communicate with your virtual classroom teacher.

ClassDojo attempts to bring the experience of classroom learning to light in a virtual point of view, limiting the barriers of distance by offering end to end communication. There are many other fun interactive features such as sharing your classroom moments, editing your work on the app itself and even offers 30+ language translations on the text so there are no communication barriers.

The app is safe and does require registration and a fee for attending classrooms.

ClassDojo is free to download on most platforms including mobile and tablet on Android and iPhone.

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These educational apps offer great elements of learning for children during their crucial development.

We covered apps which offer basic elements in a user-friendly manner however it may not be too specific. Here are some other apps to explore for child education;

All these applications offer some fantastic features and try to make the learning experience as interactive as possible for a greater educational journey. However, technology can be a complex jungle to venture through and getting a professional consultation on what applications and technology can best suit your family and life can be a great step.

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