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Agile Project Management (APM) has become quite the talk of the town due to its popularity with software development projects. Many industries have now begun to test and use agile as it offers promising results. Therefore, you might be wondering how your team can jump into the agile hype and start organising your team's milestones.

There are many promising tools out there for agile projects and here we will recommend 3 applications that you can start using immediately. It is important to mention that the software recommended in this post only offers limited features on their free versions. However, you can use it for free and purchase them to utilise their full features later.


CodeGiant has to be one of the most simple and easy to understand software. It also offers both KANBAN and SCRUM boards. CodeGiant is user friendly and the learning curve required to start using this software will not be a burden on you.

It offers an effortless way of creating tasks, assigning them to your team members, and tracking the progress of tasks.

Furthermore, it has great collaboration features such as commenting, assignees, and issue tracking. You can use CodeGiant for free with a maximum of 5 users and if you wish to go beyond, access more features for just USD $3 a month. More information can be found here.

I highly recommend CodeGiant if you need a straightforward application and/or starting Agile project management for the first time.

CodeGiant agile project management app


Asana overall has a fantastic user interface and user design with a great approach to visualisation. Asana’s boards are ascetically appealing with a bright and pleasing theme.

It offers over 100 integration with other applications such as Gmail and Microsoft Teams just to name a few.

The document management has to be one of the best and most flexible features, as creating, editing, and sharing documents are easy. The collaboration and team management will surely amaze you and you can start using Asana for free now with up to 15 users with the option of opting in for more features for AU $11.99 a month. More information can be found here.


Trello has one of the most visualised and customisable project boards for agile projects. In addition, creating tasks, adding teammates, setting values on tasks is quite straightforward.

The most prominent feature has to be the ability to drag and drop cards and move project tasks which would give the feeling of using a real-life task board.

You’ll also find the date and timestamp management where adding due dates and milestone estimation dates to be quite useful and descriptive. Like the other applications on this list, Trello is completely free to use but offers a business version for Au $9.99 a month with more technical support features. More information can be found here.

I highly recommend Trello if you are managing large teams and large projects.

Trello agile project management app

Other Considerations

Here are some other alternative applications which offer amazing features and flexibility.

Whether it's your first time using agile project methods, or you frequently practice it, these tools offer fantastic collaborative and digitised features for any agile team.

However, every agile project team is different, therefore the requirements and ethics that suit your situation may vary. Most applications offer basic features, beyond that it is recommended that you scope out any specific needs. Sometimes the tools offered by applications on the market might be too basic or unnecessarily complicated for your requirements. Therefore, getting a custom-built application might suit you more.

Need a custom application built to suit your business requirements?

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