2021 Web Design Trends – Stand out amongst the crowd

Let’s talk about web design trends. 2020 is a year that will live on in infamy. Forever representing the point where we truly transformed into a digital world.

2020 was an influential year for web design. The impact on COVID-19 forced businesses to be closed and brought countries to a standstill. To survive, organisations digitalised, triggering the ‘the greatest migration’ in human history.

Web Design from Home
Photographer: Corinne Kutz | Source: Unsplash

Although this may be true, the mass migration to digital platforms strained designers and web developers alike. The pressure to stand out amongst 1.7 billion other websites required designers to reinvent and redefine web design.

In reality, 2021 is unlikely to bring anything ‘new’ web design trends. Existing trends from 2020 will continue to evolve as designers scrambling to stand out among the crowd. With that said, let’s now explore the web design trends that will help make your website stand out in 2021.

Web Design Trends 2021

Multimedia Experiences

They say a picture speaks 1000 words; well, together, videos, images, and audio must speak 10,000 words. The use of embedded multimedia, including infographics and videos, create richer user experiences. In effect, videos have proven to be excellent ways to decrease bounces rate and increase time-on-page. They retain user’s attention for longer and increase interaction, all metrics that Google utilises to rank your webpage. Users are too tired and their minds too far stretched to consume walls of text. Because of this, multimedia must become the norm for any webpage or digital interaction.

Parallax Animation

In recent years we have witnessed the rising popularity of bosque web-based animation. 2021 will see web designers take this to the next level as parallax animation introduces greater depth and perspective to web design.

Parallax web design
Source: Pinch Studio

First developed back in the 1930s, parallax animation has been used extensively in movies and video games like Mario and Sonic. It is merely an optical illusion. The effect is achieved by placing 2D images on varying layers and moving those in the foreground faster than the background objects. The depth created by the effect makes sense of immersion, constructing an engaging user’s experience. Parallax animation has risen in popularity within web design, primarily for its user retention. The effect causes users to unconsciously navigate through the page, seeking to explore the immersive background further. In 2021 parallax could be the difference between users scrolling through your website and another.


As Hollywood continues to reach back into their dusty achieves seeking classics to remake, designers are seemingly doing the same. Neomorphism was all across Behance and Dribbble in 2020. But the new hype in 2021 is being coined Glassmorphism. Described by HYPE 4 as a “series of glass panels floating in the vertical space.” Glassmorphism is semitransparent layers on a high-contrast or vivid background that creates the illusion of objects floating in space, almost like glass panes.

Glassmorphism website structure
Source: Hype 4

Glassmorphism may be the new kid on the block in 2021, but the concept has existed for years and was first introduced by Microsoft Windows Vista. In 2020 Apple brought in back with MacOS Big Sur, reinventing its use with new fonts, colours, and shapes. Use UI decorations such as Glassmorphism and Neomorphism sparingly. While this effect has its place in web design, web designers should do it sparingly. Designers should only use this to add a little excitement and visual appeal for users.

Windows Vista Web UI
Photographer: Panos Sakalakis | Source: Unsplash

Will you apply these web design trends?

In 2021, we expect to see more vibrant, fresh, and engaging web designs. The use of these trends will help you create eye-catching designs to stand out from the rough. Be creative, and push the boundaries. It is important to realize that you don’t have to limit yourself by stipulated trends. Forge new paths and reimagine the potential for web design in 2021.

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