With 2021 is just around the corner. There are many things to look forward to for tech. Here are our predictions for what’s to come for tech in 2021.

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1st of 5 Tech Predictions: 5G will become mainstream

5G is the next-generation cellular network that will support millions of devices at ultra-fast speeds. This technology holds the great economic potential for individuals and businesses as it will finally become mainstream in 2021.

Photographer: Nastya Dulhiier | Source: Unsplash

5G will improve data rates, network reliability, connectivity, better latency, energy efficiency, and a wide coverage. Allowing it to become a reliable high-speed network that will be accessible to many; even those in remote areas.

The demand for a reliable high-bandwidth, high-speed connection rose drastically this year. Many had to work from home. Digital collaboration and videoconferencing became part of our lives. And with more and more businesses embracing the idea of transforming their business into an online one. 5G will become increasingly more mainstream next year.

Currently, the largest 5G network in Australia belongs to Telstra. They will continue to expand their reach to cover all of Australia. To find out more and maybe give 5G a try go here.

2nd of 5 Tech Predictions: Virtual Reality (VR) will become more popular

VR immerses the user into an environment. By simulating their senses, it tries to make it as though they are actually there in person.

Tech Predictions - VR
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The most popular and well-known application of VR is on gaming. Whether players are fighting against monsters, racing with fast cars, or climbing a mountain, VR tries to make the experience as real as possible.

Another usage of VR is in education. Virtual museums, discovery centers, and galleries inform visitors about the various items on display as they move through the exhibit using VR.

VR is also used in simulation and training. This is being applied in various fields such as aviation for flight simulation, medicine for surgery, and sports for training and strategy building.

Although VR has gained a lot of traction, there are some issues limiting it to be more widespread. However, as the demand for VR increases, better and cheaper equipment will come out. Along with that, more immersive software will be available to allow us to enjoy all sorts of things.

Right now, there are many different VR headsets on the market. Each with their own pros and cons. Here is the Best VR Headset for 2020, if you are interested to buy one and try VR for yourself.

3rd of 5 Tech Predictions: Augmented Reality (AR) will become more popular

As VR becomes more popular, so will AR. Not to get confused with VR, AR is something different. Though they do have similarities, at their core, they are not the same. AR is an interactive experience of real-life where their perception of reality is enhanced with computer-generated imagery and sometimes with sound.

Tech Predictions - AR
Photographer: Patrick Schneider | Source: Unsplash

AR is commonly used via an app that works with camera lenses; usually those on handheld devices. Generally, the overlay images blend into reality in a way that we can easily tell them apart.

With AR, customers can browse a range of products a store has to offer without having to leave their home. They could make sure if the product is right for them before deciding whether to buy it. Using AR, customers can see if a piece of clothing would suit them, or if a piece of furniture would fit inside a room.

AR will become more popular and common in 2021. Companies will use AR as a way to connect and appeal to their customers. Next time when you want to buy something, check if there is an AR option and try it out.

If you want a taste of AR, Pokémon GO is the way to go. It is an augmented reality mobile game that is fun and has been popular since it came out. Play it and have some fun with AR.

4th of 5 Tech Predictions: Internet of Things (IoT) will grow rapidly

The IoT describes a network of devices; ‘things’, that have been embedded with technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. IoT has been helping countless people work and live smarter.

Tech Predictions - IoT
Photographer: Thomas Kolnowski | Source: Unsplash

As of now, IoT devices are mostly seen in smart homes. Connected lights, wireless speakers, smart fridges, and many others can be found in a smart home. Aside from these, popular applications of IoT applications also include wearable technologies such as activity trackers, smartwatches, and smart glasses.

In addition to improving the lives of the consumer, IoT is also essential to businesses. It provides businesses are the way to monitor and manage their systems in real-time.

Our cities are becoming smarter too. WiFi hotspots, traffic and waste management, water distribution, security cameras, and many more are slowly being integrated into our cities.

IoT is one of the most important technologies of everyday life, and it will continue to grow rapidly. As technology advances, more and more parts of a home or business will become smarter.

If you do not own one already, here is a list of The Best Smart Home Hubs out there right now.

Last Tech Prediction: The rise of Collaborative Tools

We were all forced to stay at home for most of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This made collaborative tools essential to a lot of people who had to work from home. Though they were already being used before all this, as the demand for better and more reliable tools rose, only a few really stood out.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams became a must-have tool for people who needed to have meetings, presentations, or group discussions with their peers. Businesses and organizations were able to operate close to normal.

Trello helped people and teams keep track of their tasks and projects. In one glance, Trello tells you what is being worked on, who is working on what, and if on project is on track.

Google Workspace became the go-to area for getting things done. It is a collection of tools for everything a person could need while working at home. They can check their Gmail, edit a document, create slides for a presentation, or communicate with their team. A great feature is the ability to share your files and folders so your team can view and edit them too.

Slack is like a chatroom for your whole team. Teams were able to collaborate and coordinate their work no matter where each of them were. It allowed for real-time communication, but also lets people catch up quickly if they have been away.

All these tools made it possible for people to keep their jobs during this difficult year. And with more and more people and businesses finding working remotely beneficial and wanting to continue it. Collaborative tools will rise as they become the norm. Furthermore, better tools will be developed to make working from home easier.

The Waiting Game (with anticipation of course)

Now, it is time to wait to see if these predictions come true. Do you agree with our tech predictions for 2021?

While you wait, check out what we at Fonseka Innovations have done. If you like what you see, contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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