March 2020
Foldable Phones: Future Tech or Passing Fad?
Foldable phones are now being released by smartphone companies. Are they the future of smartphones or just a passing fad?
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Social Media Management In A Nutshell
Digital marketing is ever-growing and businesses are all doing it. But, is their social media management on point? Let's start managing social media right!
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The Preferred Fuel at the Workplace in 2020
Staying awake during office hours also presents a challenge. Luckily there are plenty of beverages out there workers consume to help get them through the day. So what are the preferred beverages fueling workers each day?
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Laravel 7: It's Kind of a Big Deal
The leading PHP framework just got even better with Laravel 7. There are a lot of big changes that come with the release of Laravel 7. Let's talk about them.
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Top Trendy Augmented Reality Smartphone Apps in 2020
Augmented Reality technology is on the raise. More consumers are starting to see the benefits it will bring to enhance their shopping experience.
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Why Digital Marketing Is The Future
Now that it's 2020, everyone should be researching into digital marketing. It's time to transition into the digital space. Let's have a look at the future of marketing.
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How To Improve Business Systems
Looking to streamline or just re-map your business? Businesses are always under the pump to stay efficient. Here's how to improve business systems.
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Top 5 Benefits of Business Automation in 2020
Let's look at process automation and the power it can bring to your business. In this post, we answer, what process automation is and the benefits brings...
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The MIT Solution: My first sprint at Fonseka Innovations
Throughout my early years at university, I've always had a big problem with procrastination. I would leave my assignments and projects to a few days before the deadline. It was my strange way of thrill-seeking but it was leading me into a lot of stressful situations. Source: End procrastination cycle. Now For years I found...
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